Thursday, May 21, 2009

LA ruby conf unleashed!

the good folks over at confreaks have just released the footage of flying robot from ruby conf, so check it out and enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The blimpduinos are coming!

I just got my hands on the first few blimpduino boards ( thanks to Chris and Jordi over at diy drones) , and damn are they small! After spending almost 2 months slaving away, building our prototype board, its a huge relief to know that I will only have to do nominal soldering this time around, not to mention the weight savings!

The blimpduino wasn't designed to be used with a gondola, so Ive had to make a few modifications.

1: I cut holes in the bottom of the gondola for the IR sensors and sonic range finder, as well as a hole in the side so I can access the power switch.

2: I am soldering several pins to the back side of the board for easier access

3: I am re purposing several pins currently designated for rc in(since we are using the xbee modems for our control interface) for something else... but more on that later.