Friday, March 20, 2009

Houston, you know the drill.

After thinking the hard work was almost over, we had our first test flight, and well, things did not go well. Our pololu motor controller burned out, and we lost all control over the blimp, luckily, the blimp was tethered and only one motor was spinning so it just flew around is circles till I was able to grab it and yank the battery. So we went back to basics, examining the schematics of the blimpduino which was our model. after rebuilding the power supply, and adding a pull down resistor to the reset line of the pololu, we think we finally have it!

so I have built a new board, which not only houses the improved power supply, but is also significantly lighter, which should help us out if we can get around to installing a sensor suite. soldering perf bard to a little getting used to, but I think its well worth the weight savings for a project like this.

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