Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something awesome this way comes...

Muah ha ha! My creation is almost complete! 

I have almost finished putting together the main board for our blimp! I soldered on the power supply, attached the leads for the lipo battery, attached the pololu motor controller, and rerouted the pins for the motors and servo. All that s left now to get it flying is the connection for the xbee, which I will be adding today.

A few tips for those of you that may want to make your own:

When attaching connectors, like the one I used for our Lipo battery, check to see if the leads are removable, if so don't attempt to solder your wires to them while they are still in the plastic shroud, most likely you will melt the plastic and ruin the connector(I went thru a few myself).

when attaching something like the pololu motor controller, run your wires to the appropriate pins BEFORE you solder on the controller, this will make everything a lot easier to reach!

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