Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The internet is burning!

An electrical fire in my building has left my internet a blackened smoldering ruing, leaving me stranded for days with no way to post, and more cruelly, with no real way to look up soldering diagrams and schematics!

trying to suck the necessary info through my iphone gave me a headache but I was able to complete assembly on a few more aspects of the blimp.

Namely the xbee adapter from lady ada, which I discovered does not take kindly to the xbee pro module, requiring the bending and fiddling of several pieces in order to make everything fit.

on the mechanical front, I built the motor boom arm from the blimpduino specs(, however im still having trouble mating the lego gear with my servo, initially I attempted to simply force the thing on, which is more or less what the blimpduino instructions recommend, but the piece kept popping off, now I think im gonna glue the gear to one of the arms the servo came with, taking extra care to make sure it is centered. I also built myslef a power supply and began planning how im gonna run both the 7.4 volts required by the motors and the 5v needed for the arduino itself. TO that end ive started messing around with a blank pcb prototype board, and now im sort of bent on having my own pcb made for this project.

as for mounting it all together I have opted for plasticard instead of plywood, I think it will be lighter and easier to work with. Pictures will follow soon, stay tuned true belivers.

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